How can a bottle of red wine become a top-shelf investment?

To some people, wine is a passion, and they are always seeking out the greatest vintages and the latest finds, to be sipped and savored with friends. For others, wine is a simple pleasure to be enjoyed with a fine meal. Yet others regard wine as an investment, and buy it not to savor the wine itself, but to enjoy the profits they can reap. Here are some tips on turning the wine you buy into a useful investment.

Historical performance of wine investments

Wine fads come and go, but there are certain wines which tend to hold and increase their value, regardless of other trends. These wines are typically considered better investments. At the top of the stack, are those considered “blue chip” wines. Like blue chip stocks, they may not make great returns every year, but they are viewed as solid investments.

The top blue chip investment grade wines are those from the great chateaux in Bordeaux. These wines can be quite expensive, so a significant investment can be required. Bordeaux wines also have an unusual system of “en primeur” sales, where wines are sold while still in the barrel, before they are even bottled.

Top quality wines from well known makers in other regions can be good investments, too. You could consider wines from Burgundy, Spain, Germany, or even Australia. Often, these wines can appreciate significantly in value, though the market for these has a greater variability, as wine trends come and go.

Quality wines do tend to rise in value over the years, as the vintage matures. This is partly due to the fact that red wines usually improve with age. It’s also partly due to the scarcity factor. As more bottles of a particular vintage are purchased and consumed, there is less left on the market for other buyers.

How to invest in wine

Unlike investing in the stock market, you do not need to go through a broker. There is also far less regulation of the wine market than there is of stocks or bonds, so you need to be careful and do your own due diligence.

You can purchase wine yourself, from a wine merchant who carries the wines you are looking for. Make sure you are dealing with an established, reputable business. These people have a lot of knowledge about wine, and may be able to give you some good advice on what to buy. Always be sure to do your own research, however, to make sure that what they are recommending really looks like a good investment for you.

You can also purchase fine wines from auction houses. There are also a number of websites that specialize in buying and selling wines, which can provide information on price history for different vintages.


Combining a hobby with an investment

Many people find this combination to be ideal. If you enjoy wine, then researching what you want to buy can be fun, rather than a chore. If you buy a case of a fine wine, you may be able to make enough from the investment, to pay for you to drink some of the bottles yourself. When you get to drink top quality wines for free, that is a winning outcome.

How do you make a bottle of red wine become a top-shelf investment? There’s something really important you should know about wine – some bottles, particularly the old ones, are extremely valuable. The beverage is a simple product made from the fermentation of squashed grapes. However, its quality is greatly dependant on climate, soil, genetics, and most importantly, winemaker skill.

With every year that goes by, the climate chances and the final product varies. As the vines age and yield less, the wine becomes more intense, and thus more valuable. Never invest in wine with the hope of making millions. Just like any other type of investment, buying fine wine is risky. Know the market first, find out as much as you can about the industry, and ask for assistance.

Start small, purchase wines with great chances of becoming valuable, and try not to take unnecessary risks. Be patient and in will be able to turn a bottle of red into a top-shelf investment.


Fun Family Vacation spots in the world

It is always fun to enjoy your quality time with your family. You often find the best tourists spots so that you can enjoy your trip with family. So, here are some of the best spots where you can hang out with your family.


Paris is also called the city of lights, and this city attracts millions of tourists every year. The tourists are attracted by art collections and divine cuisine. River Seine passes through the city which makes the scene of state museums, century old churches and charming trees more beautiful. One can’t miss shopping in Paris because the city is the fashion capital of the world. You cannot miss a trip to Paris once in a lifetime.


London is a mini world. You will find people living in London from almost all parts of the world. Make a list of things to visit in London because the city has numerous visiting and attractive spots. You will find many free attractions in London, which includes National Gallery and Hyde Park. You will find various Chinese and Indian Restaurants, if you want to enjoy these foods. Don’t miss the parade of Buckingham palace and a thriller ride of London Eye.


The city is known for its famous Football Club Barcelona. Beachside, nightclubs and churches will attract you the most. You will find many activities around the narrow streets which are called Las Ramblas. You can buy the one-time transport card and enjoy your whole trip traveling one side to the other. Some of the top visiting spots in Barcelona are Guell Park, Mercat de Josep de la Boqueria, Barri Gotic, Church of the Sacred Family and Camp Nou Stadium.


There are numerous places in Sydney where children’s can enjoy during the trip. The tourist always has Sydney as the first preference to visit. It has the personality of carefree Australia metropolis. The city is the hub of visiting spots, so you can enjoy various spots in one area and then move to other. The city welcomes tourists from Asia and European countries. The people living in the city are proud of themselves, and they believe that Sydney is the best place in the world. The popular visiting spots in Sydney are Sydney Harbor, Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Royal Botanical Gardens, Cooge Beach and various others.


The city is located in Brazil. The city to host the most number of matches of FIFA World Cup 2014. You will find children playing football in each street. Staggered green mountains, lush rainforests, white sand beaches attract millions of tourists in the city. The statue of Christ, the Redeemer, which is 125 foot tall, will admire you even from a large distance. December to March is the best time to visit the city as the weather is warm to hit the beaches. Choose any of the places discussed above and enjoy the trip with your family at the fullest. Electronic System for travel authorization also known as the ESTA Application has to be applied for authorization for the travelers who wish to travel US.


Steer clear of money trap during the summer season – 5 Tips to keep in mind

Summer is the time when the different stores offer discounts on products, people buy many items altogether, children get holidays in school and families go out for dinner. It is quite obvious that most people spend a lot of money during this time of the year. There are various money traps into which you may fall for sure during the summer. As such, it is a wise decision to keep in mind 5 tips so that you can stay away from such money traps even in the summer.
1. Draft a suitable budget in advance – In order to avoid financial hurdles, you should be prepared much ahead of time. This can be actually done when you draft a proper budget in advance. You may begin by formulating a budget for 1 year and then calculate the amount that you’ll probably be spending in summer. It is advised that you try to reduce your expenses in the other months so that you may be able to spend more during the summer.
2. Purchase inexpensive items – You should look for buying inexpensive items so that you may be able to spend less money than your estimated budget. This way, you will be able to save at least some money. If you wish to spend more in the summer, then you may use your savings during that time. This will enable you to avoid falling into the debt trap. Thus, make sure you spend as less as you can and save every penny possible for the summer.
3. Switch on the fan rather than air conditioner – Even if you are feeling extremely hot, it is always better to switch on the fan instead of air conditioner. This is because air conditioner will certainly increase your electricity bill and thus, you will have to pay a lot of money for it. If you want, you may use two fans in your room so that you can reduce at least some heat. Thus, you will also be able to save on your electric bill.
4. Stop buying things in excess – You may be too tempted to buy several things together during the sale season. Usually, the discounts are provided during the summer and as such, it is at this time when people end up spending good amount of money in purchasing many times at a time. It makes no sense to purchase extra things when you know that you will not require them.
5. Never spend beyond your capacity – It is quite common for the people to spend lump sum money when there is some celebration or festival. At that point of time, people usually forget about their planned budget and thus, spend much beyond their affordability. It is suggested that you do not let this happen in your case because you will then have to suffer from financial problems. Rather, you should make proper planning in advance and stop such things from taking place.
Thus, these are some tips that will enable you to avoid falling into money trap in the summer. You can get some more money moves guide at